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Octane boosters

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Are octane boosters safe to use on 2011 GT500's?

I know the owners manual says you can run 91 octane. That is all I can get where I live. I would like to see the difference with 93 for optimal performance. I considered using octane boosters but don't know if they are safe to use.



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This is one of the most common urban legends. Unless you have a 93 tune the extra will not make a difference. And even then a two point difference won't be discernible on the street. With a tune, the difference between race gas and street gas will be evident.

+1. The tunes from factory vehicles are not aggressive enough to notice a difference between 91 and 93 octane. Just use 91 and don't worry about it. Like twobjshelbys said...unless you're getting an aggressive custom tune for a specific octane...you won't notice a difference.

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