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SGT Computer Calibration Comparison 07vs08 & GT vs GTH

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Has anyone ever compared the SGT computer calibrations to see if there were any changes from say the 2007 SGT vs the 2008 SGT?


What about the 2006 GTH vs the 2007 GTH, any differences there?


What about the 2007 SGT vs the 2007 GTH, any differences?


I haven't been able to locate any internal docs here at Shelby that shed any light on this and Ford Racing took back all their Pro-Cal tools after these programs ended so no answers there.


I know the Ford dealerships service department have a 2007 SGT calibration in their download library but is there other calibrations for the 2006 & 2008 SGT model years or do they just use the 2007 calibration no matter if you have a 2008 Shelby GT or a 2006 Shelby Hertz.


Anyone have some first hand knowledge?



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The "program" cannot be lost short of a total ECU failure. What is lost (note, I sad "is" not "can be") is the self-tuning the engine does. You see this by the "system readiness" indicators not being set or by having a P1000 code pending. Don't try to get a OBD based emissions inspection of you've stored the car or changed the battery just before You'll just be sent away and told to drive it for a couple of hundred miles. You can knock it off faster if you follow the drive cycle.

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So what of the NOS power packs I've seen on Ebay over the years for the '06. They supposedly have a form to obtain the Pro-Cal and tune from Ford. I've always been hesitant to believe they will still do this, but what kind of tune will you get if they do? Couldn't somebody simply load up one of these and then make a copy of that tune file to see?


My car now has a custom tune as I am not even sure what the original Ford Racing tune was for the Whipple on the automatic. My tuner couldn't confidently find it either.



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