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Сlutch choice

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Friends, faced with a choice of clutch for my Shelby Stage2, street and drag use, with flywhell need help:

1. McLeod RXT Twin Clutch with Flywheel 6918-07
2. SPEC Clutch SFG5SST Super Twin Clutch Kit SS
3. ACT T2S-F03 Twin Disc XT Street Kit
5. Exedy 07953Fw Racing Clutch Kit With Flywheel
6. Exedy 07953Pfw Racing Clutch Kit With Flywheel

Thank you in advance!


PS: and please share what is the best estore for buying.

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I just installed the Shelby performance clutch which is made by Ace. Twin disc, aluminum flywheel, and comes with the 13'/14' Ford slave cylinder. Very pleased overall with the bite and feel of this clutch. A friend of mind has the McLeod RXT and now wishes he would have gone with this one. Food for thought....

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Installed the Spec SST for the second time and am still real disappointed, won't release the input shaft at WOT and won't power shift

Sent first back to Spec and they said no probs but replaced the discs anyways


The Shelby clutch really impressed me on the quality and hear that the performance is awesome

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Myself and others had the revised Ford clutch/flywheel/slave cylinder installed with impressive and long lasting results.


A buddy has one of those in his 07... I had his car at my place for a few days and had to move it around, the clutch is nice...

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I'm starting to search around for a new clutch myself (2008 GT500 stock), trying to decided between the one on Shelby Performance - ACE clutch - or the McLeod RXT.

[ Sorry, only thing I see is The Kurgan standing in the middle of the battlefield yelling "MACLEOD!!" ]


Haven't seen much more in searches about the Shelby / Ace clutch. How has it been holding up? Product page says I need the clutch slave from TSB 10-3-8, but haven't done the TSB. Is that something that can be purchased separately (guessing yes, but better to ask). Any other parts required from the TSB that I won't have in the stock 2008?

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I have the Shelby clutch from ACE. The clutch pedal is fairly heavy, but I like the feel and engagement which is very fast. You have to get used to it, but remember this is basically a full out racing clutch. If you are looking for a more comfortable clutch pedal with less agressive engagement then I would recommend you choose something else.

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