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Identifying Cast Iron or Alum engine by VIN

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Hi Guys

I'm new here and am looking to buy a Shelby GT500 in Australia. Most of them are far away from me and to save time (and money) I was hoping some knowledgeable member would be able to help me determine the engine block material (iron / alum) by VIN.

I believe that all GT500's from 2011 were Alum block, but over here it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact build date other than by VIN. Even then it seems it isn't always simple...

For example, I have looked at VIN 1ZVBP8JS7B5153819. This is a "2011" GT500, apparently built on 28.09.2010. Alum or iron??

Before you ask - some owners reply to my question with "I'm not a mechanic!".

Thanks in anticipation of your help!

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