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Moving to Texas

Dave Clarke

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Anyone tell me if there is a Team Shelby Region that covers Houston, TX.


Currently in PA and part of the Northeast Region


Thanks, Dave

Texas would be part of the Southern Plains region, see link below.


Lots of happenings in Texas. I'm sure the TS state director will be in contact as soon as he sees your post.





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What part of Houston are you moving to?

There is lots of Shelby and mustang activities for you.

I've lived in Houston for 57 years if you need any Intel on the city.

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Welcome to Texas! I'm the regional director for southern plains, but the great news for you is that we have a VERY active Houston contingent, and close group of Shelby owners that are very welcoming to all! They do many cruises, car shows, and track events in that part of Texas.


If you are on Facebook, you should join our group, and if not, I'll get you in contact with some locals there. B17Drvr is an MCA Director, Shelby and Ford guy, and is as big a part of this as anyone you will find!


Your state director is Sean Cook, and he is sportscars here on TS.


Feel free to PM at any time!



Warren Faris

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