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Need Replacement Center Cap for 2008-2009 Shelby GT-500 KR 18" Wheel

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I called SAI today and they did have the center caps for $35 ea. I ordered four just in case one of the others takes a notion to pop out ;-) Not sure what could cause them to pop out. Guess I will get a better idea once I see what they look like on the inside. Thanks.



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There are plastic clips/tabs on the inside of the center cap that are pulled together by a metal ring. On mine, one or two of these plastic clips broke off and then they won't stay inside the center of the wheel. Now, this happened to me when we removed the center cap to replace the tires for track day (though we tried to be super careful). All I can imagine in your case is that the plastic tabs simply cracked due to heat or age and the cap fell out due to vibration. They wouldn't come out otherwise I believe.


Good to see you got replacements!



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Did you have to provide a police report or is Shelby selling directly to registered KR owners with no questions at this point?


Was there a limit on what Shelby would sell to you?


Just curious if Shelby lightened up because I had a hard enough time getting some extra floor mats a couple of years ago.

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