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Whipple on a KR

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Has anyone installed a 2.9 Ford Racing Whipple on a KR? ( M-6066-MSVT29PC )



Did it fit under the hood? Without modifying the hood?




If you never got an answer to this ask Frank at Power by the Hour they will know

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Yes it will fit under the hood and cross bar.

If you buy the full kit the cold air intake will not fit under the hood and cold air intake tube does not fit under the cross bar. There is a work around..... I have a picture somewhere. ?

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Thanks for the pics!


Got a couple of questions.


1). Are the motor mounts stock?


2). The intake tube and meter housing, what car are they from?


3). With changing the inlet tube and meter were you able to use the supplied tune from Ford?


Thanks for the help!

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It's not my car but from what I was told the motor didn't have to be lowered.


The intake tube and filter box is original. The meter tube housing is from ford.


From what I was told you need to call Ford Racing and tell them you have a KR and the kit they send you should come as seen in the pics.

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Ok thanks!


Meter looks like the one they used on the 08 Cobra Jet.


I talked to John Clor at Ford Performance (old Ford Racing) he looked at my car in person said that the kit will not fit under the brace. When asked why he said the supercharger clears the brace and the hood. But it will be the intake tube that doesn't clear the brace do to the increase in diameter. Soooo I am guessing the kit changed. As long and the supercharger clears the hood I'm good! I will try the stock tube and dyno the car to see if it throws off the Ford supplied tune. I would like the brace to work also but if it hits then I can mod the brace or reproduce the rare Super Snake flat one.


Thanks a lot for the pics and the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will be a winter project of mine so when it is done I will post how it turned out

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