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Under drive pulley for 2012 Shelby gt500

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Hey guys I have a quick question to ask anybody with a 2012 Shelby GT500, I am looking for an aftermarket underdrive pulley for my Shelby, I have 2 choices either I get a supercharger pulley which I will gain 3 to 4 pounds of boost or I change my underdrive pulley which will give me between 10 and 11 pounds of boost, but I can't change both pulleys because I will overspin my supercharger, so I have decided to change my underdrive pulley, I contacted American muscle and they don't sell the underdrive pulley for my year of my Shelby, I don't know what size the factory one is but if anyone knows what size I should go with and where to get it for my 2012 Shelby gt500, please let me know because like I said American muscle don't sell it for my 2012, thank you

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Good morning. I have both on my 2012 and went with a conservative dyno tune and came out with some good results. No blower problems experienced with my set up.

I shopped Revan Racing for my overdrive pulley, but VMP is also a good source.



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I am not sure about the terms "underdrive and overdrive", usually if you are spinning something faster than it's original designed speed it is over driven and if you are spinning something slower it is under driven, but either way, I have a new 2007-2014 GT500 Innovators West 10% pulley/balancer that will spin the blower faster (I assume over drive?) for sale in the link below if anyone is interested. It is New with a new bolt, Nice piece.








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