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Next stop for the 2016 Shelby GTH, Javits Center in New York


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For anyone desiring an in person look at the 2016 Shelby GTH it will be on display at the New York Auto Show from March 25th til April 3rd


You won't be able to miss it as the GTH will be hanging from the wall/ceiling right as you walk into the Javits Center.



So Steve - who is going to unveil it? Anyone from Shelby - like Carroll did for the '06 GT-H?

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The official unveil was yesterday so no there will not be anyone from SAI at the NY Auto Show.

Interesting. I guess it just wasn't the same hoopla as it was for the '06 unveiling - where Shelby took a bow for bringing back a special version of the Shelby Mustang after 37 some-odd years - and everyone wanted one. And the rest, as they say - is history!

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Hey folks..

I made the trip to lower Manhattan yesterday to attend the unveiling of the new 2016 Shelby GT-H. It was a pleasure to meet and briefly speak with the Shelby folks in attendance......Keith Belair, Akos Feher, Gary Schechner, Jenni Shreeves and Tracey Smith. I even had the opportunity to chat a moment with Aaron Shelby.


The program was scheduled from 6 to 9pm but began wrapping up much earlier. After the usual "meet and greet" segment, the car cover was removed and it was started and run a few moments for all to appreciate the throaty rumble from the exhaust. After a brief overview of the car's highlights, we were all allowed a closer look. To say this was a special evening, to be a part of the introduction of a new vehicle, would be understating the obvious. No, it was not a big, splashy, spotlights crisscrossing in the sky kind of event.......but rather more like that of a small, intimate party. We had the opportunity to experience something special that the rest of the world won't see for a couple more days.


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