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Just traded in my 2008 for 2014 and have some questions


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I just traded my 2008 GT500 that I bought new for a 2014 GT500 that has 3100 miles on it.

But I have a few questions.

What all is included in Equipment Group 821A for $ 3495.00?

What all is included with SVT track pkg for $2995.00?

What all is included in Electronics pkg for $2340.00?


I was also wondering how many Black with red stripes were made in 2014?


Thanks for any help!!!



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Hey Snoopy49, I also have a 2014 GT500 and had not seen those documents which you posted. Great information! Thank you for sharing.

magrag: Congratulations on your new low-mileage car. I think you will be impressed.

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Helm - Ford Service Manuals


Or you can find one on eBay. I noticed that there were some manuals that are selling for $10, some of these are time limited, they won't work after a certain date. Make sure the seller can supply you with the information you will need in order to use the DVD past the expiration date. I have the one from Helms

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I made the silly comment above, because I was a parts guy for over twenty years..... A very long time ago!


Back when EVERYTHING was still in "books". In fact, as I was exiting the biz at a Toyota stealer in '98, they were just replacing microfiche.




magrag, sorry to hi-jack your thread.....





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