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New owner down in Hawaii!


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I've been out of the car scene for a few years since we started our family, but I just dove back in head first. Just picked this gem up recently. 2010 GT500 with 33k miles on it. Has a few basic bolt ons. Car was in a front end collision and poorly repaired. They pulled the radiator support back out to straighten it, but it's slightly twisted (check the radiator mounts picture). It rides and handles great, even had a recent alignment done and it all checks out. But they rigged the front panels to attempt good gaps.


The front clip is all cheap aftermarket panels which had no prep done to it. It's bare fiberglass. The entire car was vinyl wrapped which was actually a good job, besides seeing the waves in the front clip panels.


Although it's damaged, all of the collision points on the front frame rails and fender aprons are still intact. The accident didn't deploy the airbags or require the HE or radiator to be replaced. Even the bumper mounts are all original. Hopefully it can be repaired correctly and not require major surgery. Will get a new radiator support at a minimum, perhaps from the strut towers forward.


Interior of the car is immaculate, just dirty. The underside is really clean as well just like a 33k mile car should be.


Stock pulley

Borla axle back

Eibach springs

Koni adjustable struts and shocks

Hurst shifter

SCT Tuner



This will be a fun, long term project to restore it to it's original glory. For now I'm just going to drive it on the weekends and put a smile on my face. I currently live in Hawaii, so I'll just save the money up for the next two years and repair it when I get back to the mainland. Shipping and a quality chassis shop don't have me in a hurry. Worst case scenario, I'll snatch up a roller and transfer everything over. But for $15k it was a deal I couldn't pass up!!!



also, at the bottom is my last mustang for reference. the same attention to detail will be put into this car and make it as nice and clean as possible. wire tuck, smooth the panels, etc.





















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Aloha, Mike.


I hope to see cruising or at various events. Nice GT500! I am in Hawaii Kai and sometimes can be seen cruising in my '11 GT350 (624HP) or checking on the restoration of my '66 GT350 in my warehouse in Kapolei.


Check out the best local Mustang clubs:

Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club of Hawaii, which will have a 10 car display March 18-20 at the Motor Trend First Hawaiian Auto Show at the Hawaii Convention Center, 3rd floor

web: http://alohamustang.org/



Hawaii Performance Mustangs (HPM) web: http://www.hawaiiperformancemustangs.com/forum/index.php


Hope to see you around,



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I noticed you on the HPM site. You will see my occasional caustic posts there. I hope you can drop by the AMSCH display at the Auto Show at the Convention Center next week. A number of member cars are HPM too.


Don J.

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