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Update on Engine Light on--and What is This?


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Hello Again,


A week ago I posted that I as puzzled why my "check engine light" was on after a simple oil change. Most suggested I get a reading from an OBDII to see what was going on. A local Ford dealer wanted $130 to hook-up and see what might be causing it. Instead, I drove over to a local Ford Mustang specialist shop named "excessive Performance" (Manassas, VA) which was mentioned by a member here.


I met the proprietor, Chris and he kindly stepped away from the Dyno testing of a GT mustang to hook-up his ODBII to my car. He was puzzled at something that was also plugged in to my (whatever you call it!). I'm attaching a pic. Bottom line, he unplugged these two units, then plugged his tool in. He said nothing appeared to be wrong. And, interestingly, the engine warning light was no longer illuminated!


I've driven her a few hours since and everything seems fine. I don't know what caused it. I AM however a bit perplexed--AS WAS THE MAN WHO WORKS ON DOZENS OF MUSTANGS--and owns his own '07 Shelby-- who had no idea what this extra "hanging" plug is! I heard my car came from CA originally and I'm wondering if this is related to CA emissions?


I appreciate your comments. Sorry for the clarity issue. The bottom portion is the normal Shelby plug-in and the blue piece above is what was puzzling to him.

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