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'69 Mach I For Sale

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A friend of mine has decided to part with his '69 March I. It appears in nice shape with a few disclosures noted below in his own words. Thanks for looking.





I've decided (I think!) to sell my 1969 Mach 1 Mustang. I'm sending this to you guys hoping you will send it to anyone you know who might be interested. I'm asking $32,500 but am open to reasonable offers. See below for pictures and details.


Thanks much!






Pictures available here: http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x13/jed...tang/?start=all



This is a true Mach 1, with the original, numbers matching 351W and FMX automatic transmission. Was originally the 2-barrel engine, we switched it over to a 4-barrel Edelbrock intake and carb. Still have the 2-barrel set-up (assuming the intake is original, the carb probably not) that would go with it. It has factory AC, which is a valuable option, but it is not currently working. When I got it the AC was not hooked up, and I just never bothered with it. It looks like everything is there and in good shape, so I'm guessing it just has to be charged and hooked back up.


It was an Arizona car most of it's life, and has always been garaged and never seen winter. Therefore it is solid as a rock and never had any rust. The underside looks like a brand new car. All the typical Mustang rot places are in great shape. It was restored years before I got it...I think somewhere around 15 years ago. Was done very well and has a large World of Wheels trophy that it won after it's restoration. It was originally a blue color, and was changed to Indian Fire Red when restored. So it isn't the original color, but at least it is a '69 Mustang color (and a much nicer one at that!). It still looks very good, but you can tell the restoration is older and it's been driven a lot since. It has a few stone chips and light scratches...typical driving wear as it's not a trailer queen. I'd say it is easily a 20 footer - you don't see any flaws from 20 feet away, but it could use fresh paint if you wanted to win shows. As it is I've taken it to quite a few car shows and never felt out of place with it...it is very nice and is definitely a head turner. The engine has 111,000 miles on it, but was rebuilt about the time the car was restored. Runs very nice and strong. It still only has the original style single exhaust which came with the 2-barrel cars. Never got around to putting duals on it, but always wanted to. That would free up quite a few horsepower. The interior is very nice, but could use just a few little things (nicer steering wheel cover, the hard plastic pieces on the seat backs could be nicer, minor things like that) to really cherry it out. Really it wouldn't take much to make this car a show winner once again, and it could even be a good starting point for a 100-pointer if someone really wanted.


There is some paint cracking and bubbling around the MUSTANG lettering on the truck lid. I am thinking they were tightened too much which cracked the paint eventually and some moisture got under. It's not rusting yet, but it should be fixed up to keep it from happening. There is also one small (pencil eraser size) bubble in the paint on the lower door. Again, I don't think it's a rust spot underneath, but it should be fixed to keep it from getting to that point. Also at some point a radiator overflow was added which has cracked, so depending on how full the radiator is, it can leak some antifreeze when hot. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. Also, when it was redone they moved the antenna from the front to the rear fender and installed one of those retracting antennas. It has recently stopped retracting (guessing the little motor went). It was nicely done, and doesn't look weird, but is not factory correct. The clock doesn't work, but neither do 99% of them out there. I've only seen 2 in my life in 69s and 70s that actually worked. I know there are repair kits available though if that's a concern. The radio is junk. It's an older aftermarket tape deck that doesn't work very well, plus the rear speakers are gone and the fronts are blown. I always wanted to put an original AM 8-track in, but again never got to it. This isn't the type of car you care about the radio in though! Of important note, it doesn't look as though they screwed up the dash at all to put in the aftermarket radio, so that's a good thing. The weatherstripping isn't great. There is some minor chrome peeling on the bottom of the rear bumper. You can't see it unless you bend down, but it is there. These are the only issues I can think of with the car. I'm probably making it sound way worse than it is, but want to make sure everything is in the open about it.


It really is a beautiful car and runs and drives wonderfully.


NADA guide says that a 1969 Mach 1 with the base engine and factory AC is worth $33,580 in "average" condition, which they describe as an older restoration or 20-footer in good working condition inside and out. That describes this car pretty perfectly with the exception of the AC not currently working. I also realize that NADA is usually a bit on the high side. For this reason I am starting this at $32,500 OBO.

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Lots of interest, but no one has pulled the trigger. Final price drop to $25,000. If I can't get that, it will go back into storage until next spring when the market goes back up.


Mark posted this for me a few months back. Thought I had the car sold, but the deal ended up falling through.


I have decided to drop the asking price to $28,000 to try to move this. E-mail me at jediturtle@yahoo.com with any questions. I am located in Plymouth, WI.




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