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What Color (colour) is for you?

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What color of Shelby GT500 is for you?  

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  1. 1. What color of Shelby GT500 is for you?

    • White
    • Red
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Legend Lime
    • Grey

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Silver, Black, White....Silver, Black, White..I voted White, but it's gonna be tough! I think it will boil down to convertible top & interior color combos for this one. :unsure:

Good thing I have a few months to think about it!!!


PS, I heard that Tungsten Silver is being considered for the GT 500!!!


-Funny how there are no votes for Legend Lime at this time. Maybe Ford should have showed the Proto Photo w/a different color...

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Tungsten would be my first choice, followed by a Sonic Blue...






My choice is Tungsten, it is absolutely striking!!!! I know it is a 2006 Mustang Color, and SVT says it is "possible" it may be one of the Cobra Options (Which probably translates into a "Yes") Does anyone out there have any info as to the

colors that WILL be available on the GT500???????

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I in a toss up with Sonic blue w/white or Tungsten w/black.......leaning to the blue but i like the Eleanor look of the silver. I'm wondering if the color interior inserts will be avail. for the other colors ???? :unsure: Blue and silver leather inserts would be sweet!! B)

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Just put 10K down on Sat w/ Pistilli Ford of Paramus,NJ to lock up one of these frggin bad boys. Valencia Orange will be available (per Motor Trend May 05 issue) w/ Black body & side stripes. But Sonic Blue w/ black striping is mean. Only thing meaner is black w/ blue striping.

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Noob Here What's up all!


You forgot the put in Valencia Orange, which is supposed to make production. I have a deposit down at my full SVT dealership and am #2 on the list of his allocation. I will of course be ordering orange!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a current pic of my ride which is a Supercharged Roush 360R.









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