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GT350 color question


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This may seem like a strange question, but here goes. My nephew is pretty interested in finding a seller for his '13 Boss 302 and moving up to a GT350R. The thing that's holding him back is color choice - he's just not enamored enough of any of the current choices to pull the trigger. I told him that he should contact Shelby American and see if there would be any possibility of a custom paint job, either done or "validated" by Shelby - a scenario where he would ship the car to Las Vegas (or maybe buy one there) and proceed.


Anybody know if Shelby will do such a thing? Do they have a full body shop capable of complete color changes, or is there someone locally up there who they might farm the work out to? My nephew knows it would be expensive but his thinking is that if a one-off color was done by Shelby at least some of the cost might be offset by the "one of one" status of the car afterward.


Or is this whole notion outside the realm of what Shelby American would or could do?


Thanks for any advice/input!

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The one-of-one thing is a myth especially when done with mods. He'll just drop a whole boatload of money he will never recoup and will likely decrease the value since it's a repaint. R cars are very hard to come by (meaning, he'll pay over MSRP) to boot.


As to SAI, I've never heard of them doing custom paint jobs on Mustangs, but I do believe they paint the Cobras in house (at least, they used to). But I'd think you could find a high quality restoration shop that would strip it down and repaint a lot closer than Vegas.


Why not call them on Monday?

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OK, thanks, guys. I'll pass the info on to him and he can make a decision whether or not to call Shelby. I suspect he'll just wait and hope that a color he's interested in shows up. He likes his green Boss but I told him I thought it would be pretty unlikely for a GT350R to show up in that color.

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