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2015-2016 Shelby GT350 Owners Map


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Post your "Screen Name" and location on this map using a colored marker pin that matches your GT350!


Some directions...

Go to the "Additions" tab and select "Add Marker - Simple".

Enter your "Screen Name", Location and then choose your Marker pin color.

Click preview to see your marker location and pin color. Hover your cursor over the marker pin to reveal your Screen Name.

If everything is correct, then click "Submit".

Note: For security purposes, I suggest that you only identify your city or general location - NOT YOUR ACTUAL ADDRESS.

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Posted Today, 07:10 AM

I'm pinned in Bakersfield, CA





Welcome to Team Shelby! Great new Shelby you have there.


Stay tuned here for events and activities in your area: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/forum/96-pacific-coast/


And you might want to post a pin here also: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/84252-team-shelby-pacific-coast-region-members-map/page-1

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Hi Freaky,

Sorry haven't been on these boards very much, but I plan to be more active. Not much in way of meet ups. I tend to make Coffee & Cars the last saturday of the monthy, nice eclectic collection of cars there. I know there is a GOLDEN EMPIRE MUSTANG club... But, I haven't made one of their meetings.

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