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Track day in AZ - Testing out Racing Brakes


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Had a handful of GT500's (Bonus - Camero-free day :) ) and BOSS302's run at Arizona Motorsports Park in Litchfield Park, AZ Sat Nov 14th. Absolutely beautiful day in sunny AZ.


My goals were to: Test out dedicated racing pads and rotors, break my best time of 2:03.85 and have some fun. Mission accomplished!


Brakes - I went with Carbotech XP10 (front) and XP8 (rear) with solid rotors and fresh Motul 600 fluid. My rear rotors are 13.8", like on a '13-'14. There is an amazing difference between street brakes and race pads. It took me some time to get used to the way they bite...Kind of a 'delay, delay, BITE' feel. I didn't experience much noise as reported by others, maybe because I ordered the pads pre-bedded for an extra $20. But they were SUPER dusty. Also noticed the pads got better and better throughout the day and never felt any fade, although I was feeling the ABS kick in, which is super annoying. Only thing I would have done different is got the rear rotors 'turned' before the event. If felt like the transfer material never really setup properly and the rear pads looked like they were barely used. Luckily the fronts made up for it. One other note...the rubber dust shields on the Brembo pistons turned to mush after running aggressively. I've read this is pretty common.


Tires - So wish I would have gone with an NT01 or Toyo888, but it wasn't in the budget this go around. I drove with a friend in a BOSS302 running Toyo's and his car bit in the corners soooo much better than my 'street' setup.


Times - Best time was 2:01.44, so shaved ~2.5 secs off my best time..My goal is to get sub 2 minutes


Video - Starting to get the hang of using Harry's Lap Timer and a GoPro together so I can get different angles. Big win here was doing an external mic in the trunk to the GoPro, which eliminated that wind\rattle noise and enhanced the exhaust note. Here the link to the video - https://youtu.be/Fwd_Igcwe54


Thanks to Scott, Greg and Seth for representing the GT500 crew.




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Thanks Mark. I contacted Carbotech about the shims and they suggested I don't use them.


Shooting temp on the rotors and calipers, I pushed north of 450F consistently, but the Motul 600 fluid held up well. I also have a brake cooling kit, so I didn't see the shims providing much benefit.

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