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I'm back and I'm loving it!

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WHew! What a rush! After 18 Mustangs in my life, 6 of them convertible & Coupe GT500's...I'm back to the Shelby. Just couldn't let it out of my heart. I grew up in the 80's with the foxes and never looked back...well I did for a couple months. I took delivery of a Hellcat in August and was waiting on every second of it. I really don't drive my cars crazy just love owning them and love the Shelby name. When the new Mustang came out I really didn't like it at all and I was glad because if I liked it that meant I had to have them so I leaned to the fastest production car made under $200,000. Now the new Mustang was growing on me just like the new rear of the 2010 when it first came out. Still not 100% crazy about the new one, but the GT350....shark front...oh, man!. So today I traded in my 198 mile HC and ordered a white with blue stripe GT350 and am really excited again. After my regrettable sale of my GT500KR in limited Vista Blue, sticker $87,000 and I paid $59,999 when the market crashed. They also picked my KR for Carlisle PA for Shelby fest but couldn't make it. Also sent a camera for the 3rd time to Shelby with my airbag cover and signed it, I had to come back. I can't wait and happy to be back. So..... is there a way to track the build of the Gt350? Can't wait to be a part of the Shelby forums again.



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