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Shelby Dakota mods


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One of the big down sides to the 318 TBI has been the heads. They flow terrible and even worse they crack up and die. You end up with a dead hole. Then the intakes are a double runner POS that is very heavy. Though the runners look wide and like a 2 barrel they are only half as deep or less. The Magnum head flows better than the old 340 X head and has a tiny chambers.


So what you need to know is.


Magnum and LA Shelby Dakota lifters are the same lifters when you buy them today. New lifters have the oil holes most original TBI lifters don't. As they interchange with Magnums they all get the holes when you buy new lifters.


Magnum and LA blocks are basically the same with little difference. So the lifters, rockers, push rods for the Magnum are usable with magnum head on the Shelby Dakota LA block,


Delta makes a .450" lift cam for the LA engine and Lunati makes a higher lift cam the 20200714 that works as well.


TBI, 318 or 360 use the same injector, the 318 got a 450 CFM TBI and the 360 got the 670 CFM.


The Edelbrock Performer is a bolt on to a Shelby Dakota shock, weight loss and big flow change. You just need to drill a 1/4" piece of plate for the intake and the TBI and bolt it on. People make and sell these but too expensive. Use nylon lock nuts with the TBI bolts. It is also a good idea to just use the 360 TBI at this time. If you want EGR to work by that manifold and the mid 70s-80s EGR valve with the EGR Performer.


Enginequest and Indy heads both make the "retro fit" Magnum heads with "LA" bolt setups. This allows you to add a new head that flows a lot better to the Shelby Dakota. The stock exhaust manifolds work as well, even the valve covers bolt on though don't use every bolt hole. The exhaust bolts up though I would get 92-93 manifolds. Cheap magnum Dakota heads fit at this point too.


Getting a custom computer like a boostbutton or something to mod the stock computer is a good idea. But if you are just looking to replace the heads and aren't looking for high RPM. Then get a scanner and a adjustable fuel pressure regulator. The scanner shows the computer adding or pulling fuel up to 25% on the scanner. You simply raise or lower the fuel pressure till the scanner shows 0 or centered.


Except for the torque 2 intake no other LA intakes have the off set water neck and the bolt hole for the AC pump and the extra sensor holes needed for the TBI. So you are down to 2 choices really. RPM intakes and such will require losing the front AC setup. Painted black 99% can't tell this setup isn't stock. Use the 360 TBI intake and it is 100% invisible.

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"TBI, 318 or 360 use the same injector, the 318 got a 450 CFM TBI and the 360 got the 670 CFM."


I pulled a TBI off a 360 at a pick and pull. When I got it home, it was exactly the same as the one on my Shelby Dak #233. Same part # etc. It was also the same as the TBI on my other Shelby Dak #1238, since sold. I doubt that my Shelby's had 360 TBIs on them. It is more likely that the 360 in the junkyard had a 318 TBI on it. Does anyone know the part # stamped on a 360 TBI?


I already have the Edelbrock manifold, headers, etc. on it.

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From the Factory Parts Manual:


The TBI Injector for the 318 is part # 4418602

The TBI Injector for the 360 is part # 4418604

The TBI Throttle Body for the 318 is part # 4306593

The TBI Throttle Body for the 360 is part # 4306594 the listing has a notation that states (with casting # 53006041)


Hope this helps.

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