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2007-2008 Shelby GT Polo Shirts Available!


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Heads up!.... Fellow SGT owners and fans, as most of us 2007-2008 SGT owners know, a lot of the 2007-2008 SGT Items (hats, shirts, keychains, etc) that used to be available from Shelby are long gone. I had not been on the Shelby Ebay Store in a good while so I popped on looking to see if they may have a T Shirt with the “SGT Snake”….aka….”Berg Snake”…aka “Strike Snake”…aka…”Cartoon Snake”. This is the snake that is most closely associated with the 2007-2008 SGT. Well, I didn’t see a T shirt ,but they did have some nice Knit Golf/Polo shirts with the “Berg Snake” Logo and “SHELBY GT” embroidered on them.The shirts look pretty good and are only $19.99. They appear to be available in black, white, and red. Why they didn’t also make a blue one to match the 2008 SGT I do not know. Anyway, if you are an SGT Owner or SGT fan and have been wanting a shirt, you may want to get one while they are still available. Links are below. Happy Shopping.



Red Shirt



White Shirt



Black Shirt



Sound of in here if you ordered one, maybe Shelby will notice and offer us more items.

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Hi Larry, thanks for update. I didn't check the sizes the other day. Guess maybe they were leftovers and inventory is winding down. Still, it would be nice if they make at least one shirt for us 2007-2008 SGT guys so we could at least show our SGT pride. I gave most of my SGT Tee-shirts to my nephews a couple years ago and my last one is worn out. Would order 2 or 3, maybe more if they were available again.

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