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Clutch #5 - My McLeod RXT is starting to slip


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It's been over 5 years now and about 15k or more, and she's starting to slip in first and sixth.


"Gonna dance with the one that brung me", going back with what came out. A McLeod RXT Street, and would not think of buying it anywhere else but Lethal.


Actually hit it on sale and saved 15%! WOO HOO WooHoodance.gif


I do have to say, it's better than the Ford OEM clutches. One lasted 3 blocks.


Any gear heads have any recommendations for the install?


Do you still want to have the flywheel resurfaced? or any stuff like that?





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Clutch #5 ? Are you putting the break in miles on them before hammering down ?

The first three were FoMoCo, the second took the tranny with it. Ford warranteed the entire thing. The last McLeod lasted longer than all of them put together. I went back with it.


Yes, I broke it in and the new one in too McLeod specs. Just way too much city driving.

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