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The Shelby/Barton shifters are a GREAT PRICE right now, if you were thinking about upgrading from the FRPP.......

Robert M

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Ok, yes I know the MGW2 is the ticket for the current GT500 Shifter technology, I will not argue that point at all. I have watch the shifter upgrade offerings change from the original FRPP shifter upgrade to the SPP/Drake, to the MGW1 and then the Barton and now the MGW2, MGW2 standing at the top and all of these shifters are priced in the $400 range with the exception of the noodle frame FRPP being lesser $$$ and the original Blue SPP/Drake now obsolete/discontinued.


I have also read that many/most MGW1 guys like their first design MGW and are questioning changing/upgrading to the MGW2, this is also true in the Barton world, the guys who bought Barton's love them.


I purchased the original Blue frame SPP/Drake shifter (the original SPP Super Snake shifter upgrade) for my 2008, but have not made the time to install it. Since that purchase I have watched the GT500 Shifters evolve and there is some cool stuff out there. My original Shelby installed FRPP shifter (I call it a "noodle frame shifter") has been in my car since Shelby installed it in early 2009, it works properly most of the time, but then there are times when it locks up when shifting slowly from 1st to 2nd, and then there are times when it does not like to go from 2nd to 3rd. It is aggravating and not dependable, at least not in my car and I know the shifter technology has gone wayyyyy beyond the "noodle shifter".


So, I have had the MGW2 on my short list of things to buy for my car. I also noticed a SPP/Barton shifter on the SPP website at $456. <<This was a Very Cool looking shifter with the Shelby logo's etc., but I can buy a MGW2 for $400, so while the Barton looked cool, it was not the MGW2.


Last night I noticed that the SPP/Barton is being discontinued and the price is now $275!!!


Since there are so many Barton owners who are happy with their Barton shifter and this SPP Barton has a Very Cool flat stick in chrome with "SHELBY" on it, I decided I will try a Barton.


This Shelby/Barton stick is probably similar to the original GT500KR stick and gives the "old school" look with a unique Shelby identification in my Shelby. <<I figured for $275, and a Barton, it has definitely got to be an upgrade to the noodle shifter!, and an interior enhancement also!!


If anyone is interested, here it is.................










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