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I hate these types of ads

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Just for history sakes, CSM # 113500350 (1ZVBP8CF1B5118743) was NOT the last 2011 GT350 built. Just another seller not understanding that CSM numbers do not necessarily denote a cars build sequence.


The Barrett-Jackson hammer price on this car was indeed $125k so I'm not sure why the seller muddied up the auction description by talking about a Wounded Warriors auction car which sold for $500k and that has absolutely nothing to do with CSM 113500350.



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BJ hype is standard b.s. Nothing new there. Great car given a special non-sequence number that was based on the assumption that there would be at least 350 units ordered and no more sold. At least some research could avoided the errors as to the number assignment, horsepower, etc. Obviously another attempt to find a buyer with zero knowledge and loads of cash wanting to add special cars to his/her collection.

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