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Anyone Know The Bleeder Screw Torque On 6 Piston Brembos?


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I bled the brakes for the first time and tightened the bleeder screw with what I thought was enough torque, obviously not as it leaked and sprayed on the wheel and trashed the finish :rant2::censored: .


I have researched many forums and found nothing. The old 2011 manual a member posted years back (http://iihs.net/fsm/?dir=764&viewfile=SPECIFICATIONS.pdf ) states 89 lb-in but that was the old 4 piston brembos on a 2011 GT500. Anyone happen to know for a fact what the torque should be on 2013-2014 GT500 6 piston brembos? I also found the installation manual for a similar (no shelby) 6 piston brembo and it said 120 in-lb. Too much and you strip it, too little and it leaks.


Thanks in advance.

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