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Man...these Things Are Fast!!!!


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I probably haven't been much over 100 miles an hour in a car since 1971 when at 17 years old I think I hit around 140 mph in my BOSS 302 on old Polyglas tires...yikes!! it's a wonder I survived that. However, I recently took the 14 on a ride and passed a slower car running about 60 on a two lane. I didn't want to waste time getting around the car so I got into it pretty good, maybe 3/4 throttle, and was VERY surprised when I looked down at the speedo and was running 130 mph. I would have guessed maybe 100. My throttle has never seen the floorboard yet as I've been real cautious with the car so far, since I am still running the crappy Goodyears, but it's just amazing the power these beasts have. Has anyone had any similar surprises?

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Getting on an on ramp early in the morning going to an event with no traffic in front,just a little over zealous with the light switch (flipped it on rather than rolling it on) at 45 mph, shifted into 3rd and the thing just jumped sideways about 1 feet at 75 mph. Before I could catch my composure, glanced down and the speedo said 125 mph at 6,000 RPM. Whey! What a rush. This Beast harnesses Sacred Power on tap. Now, I know. ('14 SVT Shelby GT-500 PP /TP on Bridgestone P265 35 ZR 20s front/P305 30 ZR 20s in rear.)

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