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Hi guys, i have a 2010 gt500. Im about to install my first set of jba headers with o/r x pipe. no cats. and the kit didn't come with o2 extensions. was wondering if i will for sure need them. or if they can be installed without them.


Thanks in advance for the help.


Full bolt on's soon to come. Parts are sitting in my room.

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I'd defiantly get some for the downstream post cat O2 sensors. It will keep you from getting an annoying check engine light...and if you're in a state that does testing it will prevent you from failing (unless you're in a anal state that does the sniffer).


Had some of my Mazdaspeed 3...was running a catless turboback exhaust...didn't have any issues and even passed Arizona's emissions (all they did was check for a thrown code).

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