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New Sgt Owner

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If you haven't gotten tired of it yet I'll say it's a nice car! Any modifications you can suggest? All the stuff I listed in my signature Ive done so far since January. But I'm always looking for more.


Again, I strongly encourage you to look at the topics on this subject in the Shelby GT subforum. There you will find discussions on almost all possible modifications, many discussing the merits of one version of the mod vs. others.

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Welcome to the neighborhood. I have a NorCal White SGT 2007 CSM: 5316. Drive it and enjoy. How many miles on it? Are you on the West Coast?

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Ya lynno west coast, Orange County. I bought it in January with 45,xxx miles on it and now I just tipped 69,xxx. It's a DD but sees the mountain roads 3-4 times a week. I'm loving the car. Already done a lot of mods!



Wow, 24K in 6 months, do you sleep? lol. Congrats, and keep having fun with your Shelby, it's what they're made for.

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Dual threads is not helpful to you. I have some questions for you, about your mods, and I do not know where to post them. Can you petition the Admins to merge these two threads?


Just a suggestion, and welcome to the site. As others have stated, almost every nut and bolt on this car has been discussed, can you be more specific about what you want to know?


Y'all be safe.

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