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It's shut down Jim.......he moved and hasn't re-started his graphics business

Oh didn`t know until I went on the site says he relocating in Washington. I have his cell & I wonder if it is still good.

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I have all of his info too.....not sure if his phone # is any good anymore?


Maybe he received some licensing grief and is laying low???




Has anyone tried contacting him directly? It seems that two people claim to have a phone number.


I don't think licensing is an issue. At one time I thought he was a supplier to Shelby American...

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Hey guys! I am still around. I just moved from Portland to Bellevue Wa and am sorting though my house situation so I can set up my equipment. Happy to help people but frankly I have been totally absorbed with a new job this past year, working remote, selling two houses and moving. I am settling in to the new home and have space available to set up my equipment but it will still take me 30 days or so to get up and running. Would love to connect with local people in the Seattle area so ping me if you want to get together.


Also if you want to contact me IM me through Team Shelby. My stuckonyougraphics email is down as well as the website for the time being but I have updated my email in my profile here so I will get notifications if you want to reach out. I can then txt you my phone so we can get in touch that way.




John (AKA Mrfarmdog)

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