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Pit Rally - Gambler's Edge


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Is anyone considering participation in The PIT Rally - Gambler's Edge?

PIT Rally invites you to experience the excitement of Gambler’s Edge – Saturday, July 18th, 2015! A race starting at the base of the Central City Parkway, over 7 miles, 23 turns, 4 lanes wide and ascending 2,500 feet to end in the beautiful town of Central City! Filled with automotive vendors, entertainment, delicious food, and TONS of cars…what’s not to love?


Who wouldn’t want to race on this road?! With speeds capable of reaching in excess of 150mph, you can finally drive your car the way it was meant to be driven. Be sure to read the rules and visit the Racer’s tab, but in the meantime, here’s a brief explanation of 2 classes to race in:

Touring Class: Cars will have a speed limit (a very “spirited” one) that will be determined. Run with your friends and try to keep up!

Competition Class: For the purpose-built racecars and racecar drivers, fastest one to the top wins. There will be prizes for pole positions, leaderboards on our website, and much more!

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