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Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack


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It was a good day (for most) at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, held at the Colorado Springs Airport that sits at over 6000ft of elevation. There were a lot of great runs by a wide variety of cars but, Lamborghinis and GT-Rs ruled the day. A number of them repeatedly exceeded 200 MPH, but the day's 225MPH record was set by OB Prestige Auto's 2000HP Lamborghini TT. One of the Supras blew its engine, while one of the GT-Rs ended up with what looked like an exhaust fire that damaged the car's rear-end.

Three of us from the local Shelby Club raced in the PRO AM (i.e., no formal time slips) lanes. (We relied on GPS for speed readings.) I made 8 passes throughout the day, with trap speeds ranging from 152MPH to 160MPH. My friend with a 2011 GT500 made ~6 passes, with trap speeds ranging from 141MPH to 159MPH. hawkbarr also made ~6 passes with his 2014 Super Snake, but was unable to beat his 167MPH performance at last year's event. Unsurprisingly, heat dissipation and traction were the biggest problems we encountered.

Here are a few still photos...







EDIT: My son shot a few videos with his phone... Here's a copy of my final, and second fastest, run of the day.

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Thise apeeds at that altitude are awesome...

Nice pics!

Agreed, Tony! I was very happy with the car's performance.


Nice! I would have loved to have gone but have been spending the weekend at Bandimere with my daughter for a Jr. Dragster event.

That is time well spent, Jeff! Hope you both have a great time.

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Aw shucks, I wish I'd a known you guys were gonna show up. I dropped by the entrance gate early this a.m. but turned around when the guy said it was 25 bucks EASH for a spectator pass (50 bucks for me/wife ain't gonna happen) so I ended up heading down to Pueblo for the Nats at the fairgrounds instead.


It sounds like they changed the format from last year.




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