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Question On Hoisting A Super Snake


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These work GREAT on all cars that are recommended to lift via pinch weld!


I have 4 of them hanging on my 2 post lift and used them on my Shelby GT, 07 focus, Audi, and other pinch weld vehicles.




Here's PIC of my Shelby GT using these pads, you can see they provide plenty of clearance.




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I use a floor jack under the rear end to lift the back of the car high enough to get the lift arms lined up under the car and then lower the floor jack. Do the same in reverse to take it off the lift. Works great!

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Assuming the SS skirts have the same openings at pinch weld as the gt's, yes they fit perfectly. The versions I pointed out have magnets to hold them in place. Best solution I found for lifting pinch weld vehicles.

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