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Please Help. Trying To Make Sure Vin And Csm Match.


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Based on window sticker from Frod website, shows GT Upfitters package, in 07, Shelby GT's we're the only cars with the Upfitters package, therefore it's a legitimate SGT.


Their website is showing an "Internet Price" of $19,973 http://bobsautocenter.v12soft.com/inventory/view/8434999



Stripes are wrong width. Looks like they might be painted on as the rear plate area has silver. Hood between washer nozzles and rear stripes you can see they are too wide!

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Based on window sticker, it's legit.


With 88k miles, seems a bit high.


Stripes would also be a concern for me particularly if painted on as they are wrong width. If vinyl, they can be corrected for ~$950 + labor


Tough to tell by pics alone.

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Yes the VIN & CSM numbers do match and belong to a 2007 Shelby GT. As others have mentioned that's strong money for a SGT with close to 90,000 miles on the clock.


As Stngfever mentioned the stripes have been painted on, depending on the quality of the paint job that could be a bad thing. By the looks of how much buffing compound appears to be splattered around the inside of the truck I would have concerns.


Speaking of the trunk, why is the electrical wiring hanging loose and unwrapped?


Also this is a NON-IUP package car although someone has swapped the rubber steering wheel out for a leather wheel. But you are still missing two gauges and the premium dash finish & shifter handle because of the car not having the interior upgrade package.


Additional potential negatives are: interior door inserts are pulling away from the door panel, front bumper has been drilled for a license plate, windows have been tinted (I suspect the door windows are also tinted) and the Shaker 500 radio seems to have been modified with some sort of chrome button in the middle.


Not trying to be a "Debbie Downer" and if you love the car that's all that matters but if it was me I would look around more before I spent $20k on this particular SGT.



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There are definitely better examples out there for sale for similar money. My advice is to get the most compete car in the best shape. I would not worry so much about mileage if you intend to drive it. Good luck in your search.

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