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Huge Aaca Car Show Win - June 7, 2015


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What a great day yesterday was !!!! Beautiful weather, excellent food but more importantly an unbelievable 1st place trophy at a most competitive AACA show !!!! I was entered in the stock category for years 1996 to 2015 against all makes and models. Let's see there were other stangs : Boss 302's ,Mach 1's, Saleen's ,Rousch's ,seven Shelby's and two 2015 Mustangs. The fun however was beating some Crapmaro's and so many Challengers that I couldn't count !!!!! There were two Hellcats there likewise !!!!!! Probably 80 + cars in just my category alone !!!!!! I knew from the get go that this would be tough !!!! After garnering first , an orange Boss 302 came in 2nd and a 2013 Challenger came in 3rd !!!!!!


What also was great about this show was it was incorporated with a small air show. How frickin nervous was I and other car owners when you had vintage planes doing maneuvers and buzzing your cars !!!!!!!

I have enclosed a link to the show :


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That's cool. When you said "......vintage planes doing maneuvers and buzzing your cars", I got this image in my head of old guys tossing Water Balloons and Balloons filled with Baking Flower at the Cars from their Planes with an evil laugh. :hysterical:

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