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Rubbish Sound When Turning.

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Guys please help.

2012 gt500, all suspension components nonstock.

265 front wheels.


this morning i drove fine, no noise when turning the wheel, 30 min later (when arrived to park) i noticed a rubbing kind type of noise when turning right and left at low speed.

Now, I have been reading on other forums and they say something about axle differential and that it needs sometype of friction additive. I remember putting that the last time I change the fluids on the axle dif.

I really don't know.

Any ideas?


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I've had the same problem for a while on my 2011 all stock susupension. About a year ago I asked Ford to look at it. The technician heard the noise but they claimed that as long as the noise disappears after turning one way then the other way, there is nothing that needs to be done. This tells me that they know about the problem and there must be a TSB that instructs them to do this turning procedure. Please let us know if you're able to successfully resolve the problem.

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Friction modifier needs to be added when changing the gear oil\diff fluid, but that has nothing to do with making noises when turning (front).


The power steering will make a whining noise on tight, slow turns. That is kinda normal.


Your struts or strut mounts should be checked, along with the tie-rods. Also, you mention you have "all suspension components nonstock"...what have you changed? I got some similar noises with a brake cooling kit and had to make some adjustment with the splash guards and hose routing.


Another thing to try is have someone turn the wheels all the way left and right and look in the wheel well to see if anything is rubbing.


Good luck!

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