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Hey all,


I have been on the forum for a while now and have received advice from some of you on the Shelby GT. It has been a long time since I first asked about it but today my car finally arrived. I will be sure to go to the registry being the new owner and I will post pictures. I am now the owner of an 08 red V6 mustang that I had supercharged and the new 08 Shelby Gt-08SGT1557. The SGT I bought from a guy in Connecticut and had it shipped up to Minnesota. I am the third owner and it has 15,000 miles on it. My father owns the 08 GT500KR. I guess you could say we like mustangs. :cool:

So hello to all. I am glad to be part of this group and if you are in Mn don't hesitate to say hi.



DSC 3907

DSC 3917

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1st off, congrats on the killer SGT, I love that color!!!!


2nd, where ya at in Minnesota? I have a place by Duluth/Superior, but on the Wisconsin side.





Hi Jim,


I am in Cedar, Mn its probably 2.5 hrs south of Duluth. I am just north of Anoka. I do make it up there to see a buddy who is going to college up there.


Well Done! Can't have just one...

Just like really expensive potato chips!


The VB SGT needs some painted mirror covers ! :lol:

I put them on last night! Had the first car show of the year this morning. Can't have naked mirrors out in public. :lol:

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