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I posted this elsewhere, but it's nice to know info if you go chasing fuel gremlins!


Being the lazy type, on a recent trip to the hills, I tossed my spare tire into the trunk, something I've done numerous times in the past with no issues, till now!

I stopped for fuel, and when I returned to the interstate, I naturally romped on it. When I backed off, and then accelerated to crusing speed, the car backfired and stuttered like crazy! As it turned out, I got bad fuel, and two GT500s with me did too, but when their issues cleared up and mine didn't, I had to find a different cause. One of the guys suggested fuel pump, and low and behold, that's what it was!

The reason? When I romped on it, the spare tire collapsed the floor just enough so that it rested on one of the two fuel control modules and associated wiring in the spare tire well. This caused one of the fuel pumps to stop working, only letting the car run up to about 75 mph, and NO hard acceleration! (Fuel pressure gauge gave me a clue when it wouldn't rise above 40 lbs)

Lesson learned, don't carry a spare, or put it where it belongs, or push it off to the side of the trunk, or beef up the floor!

I suppose it could happen to a stock SGT, but it's really good info if you have a GT500, or for those, like me, that have GT500 dual fuel pumps! Also, I did read that it happened to one person who failed to properly secure the spare in the well and it shifted rearward into the fuel modules and caused the same issue!


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