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Gt500Kr Wheels...need Help


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The OEM TPMS bands will have to be cut off to use the sensors. You can buy bands on line that resemble large hose clamps. They are inexpensive and work well. Make sure they are installed evenly around the wheel or they will work their way loose. Also I used blue Lock-Tite on the band screws just to make sure. Put the Lock-Tite on once the band starts firming up. PS: Do not use abrasive polish on these KR wheels. Soap and water will make them shine.

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I have a 2008 GT500 and I just purchased some GT500KR Alcoa wheels....Will the OEM TPMS bands that are on the original wheels work on the 18x9.5 GT500KR Wheels?Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, they will work. I bought 4 x KR wheels that came with TPMS sensors as well. I also had a set of tires "waiting".


All I needed to do was:

Roll the original wheels w/tires still on them a good distance away.

Mount the new tires on the new KR wheels (that already had TPMS sensors on them) and re-train/sync the new sensors to the car.

Well...actually..it seemed OK for about 30 miles back from the shop where I had them mounted until I got a sensor alert on the dash. I drove into my local Ford dealer service bay, and then re-trained the sensors again (no charge and took about 10 min), and has been good-to-go since then


The OEM TPMS are still on the old wheels w/original tires.


I'd be interested in where you got the KR wheels as I'd like to have an extra or two in case one or so get scuffed up. Send me a PM on that if you have a min. They have been WAY expensive on E-Bay recently

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Just an FYI,


The stock sensors will only last so long. You can purchase a new set of valvestem sensors for under $300.00 and not have to worry about anything for the next five to seven years. I just added them to my KR when I added the new tires because some of them had stopped working.



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