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Help Identify Part

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Your picture does not include the entire tag which appears to have a very legible part number (ending in AB). You can do a quick google on that part number and you should be able to find exactly what it is. Since that is its own harness with a part number, should be an easy find. The ground appears to be the ground strap from the engine to the firewall. Where is the other end attached? Engine or firewall? Can't quite tell, but it looks like there has been a bolt on that fitting end before. Has there been an engine change in this car? Sort of appears that way since the ground strap was missed on the install.

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I looked at my 14 and only after getting a small dental mirror I found it. my hand won't even come close to getting between the head and firewall let alone seeing it. if

you have a 6/7 yr old they might fit their hand in there. If you look straight down from the rear top corner of the valve cover there will be a bolt hole (8 or 10mm? wrench size) I couldn't tell if it was the lower part of the head or to the top of the block but think it's the head. I'll bet the left head has been off and some one forgot to reattach. If it was mine I would forget about the factory location and find a spot on the top of engine that is easier to get to. it does need to be hooked up. good luck

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I think maybe these heads have been removed and ported is why this wire was left off. I hope that's the reason. Reason I say as it's got so many other mods. But if you look at the front of the head it has the same two tapped holes. I've given up on putting the wire in the same location and hooked it up to the fuel rail bracket.

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