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Boost ? Factory Gauge Shows 10 Psi Super Snake Shows 5 Psi

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Hello this looks like a great site.

I still need to post up something in the new member introduction section but I had a ? On my boost of my new to me 08 gt500 with super snake gauge package.2.65 pulley and tensioner.

Factory gauge is showing 10 psi.

but the supersnake gauge only shows 5 psi?

The previous owner said the car showed higher boost before they upgraded the intercooler under the blower to a larger ford racing one.

He claims that due to less restriction there is less boost showing.

My questions why are the Gauges showing different boost?

Which one is correct?

Shouldn't I be showing more boost.

I was told it was a vmp tune.

no cats and it has a ford racing 113mm cai.

Any advice on what to check first would be great.

BTW love the car so far.

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I'm not sure about the intercooler, but if your car was stock it should be at about 8psi boost. The 2.65" pulley is good for another 3psi approximately. I'd say your guage in your dash is pretty close. Maybe something is wrong with your connections or possibly even the dash pod guage needs calibrated. GL & welcome to TS

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