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Hertz Document

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I recently received the bill of lading for a shipment of 07 Hertz Shelbys shipped to Miami FL from Shelby in Los Vegas which included my new acquisition 07H253 (which looks great sitting next to my 06H452) wishing winter would end up here in NH. If your VIN ends in one of the four numbers then it arrived with my car and I can send you a copy of it. Please provide me some proof you own one of these cars.











You can PM me or send email to p.kayser@comcast.net



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Sorry guys! It is a nice piece of history to have for my car. I'm also lucky that my Hertz Vert was extensively photographed while in rental service on another mustang forum so I have some very nice hi-res photos of the car from 2007 in Ft Lauderdale including the original FL license plate. Finally I found a guy who rented my car who had posted about it on Flyertalk but unfortunately he didn't keep any of the paperwork. There is a post on this forum with my vert #253 but I always get the dreaded "too many redirects" error when I try to open it - any ideas how to fix that?


I haven't found anything for my 06 coupe #452 though.....

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Unfortunately I can't help with the redirects. I rented 06H040 when i was in Orange County California back in 2006. i was able to pass on pics and rental info to the current owner, so i know how great it is to get any documents on these cars. I have not found anyone who rented my convertible when it was in Orlando. I did find that the traction control pin is still in place, so that may be a good sign...haha.

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