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Pulley Change

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i have a 2007 supersnake Has anyone changed the pulley on the supercharger or found a nother way for just a little bit more hp??????????


If you are asking about a KB S/C pulley change, it may cost a little more $$$, but instead of replacing that unique Super Snake logo'ed pulley with a generic pulley, what about a 10% lower instead?


I/W 10% shown below...........




S/C belt on the outside.........









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any idea what would do for hp and would it need it need a new tune? Thanks



I don't know the answer to either of your questions, sorry.


I came across this 10% I.W. lower that was a new take-off from a 2008 CJ that was being changed to a turbo set up, and the price on this 10% was very reasonable, so I picked it up for possible future use. it seems like a option for those who would like to spin their blower a little faster, but also keep their original Super Snake pulley in place.


Maybe someone else can jump in with some experience?






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