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Full Cirlce-One Major Question


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My first car, an 87 GT, was an absolute blast.. ran forever with zero issues, fun to drive and looked great in the day. Now as I've gotten older I've run the gamut on fast cars, most recently dumping my '01 911 turbo(great car but basic things break and cost A LOT). Now I'm about to pull the trigger on a '12 Shelby but wanted to ask one final question. The one I'm looking at is a Ford CPO, it's about $1500 more than another I'm looking at but my experience tells me always go CPO.. That said, who has experience w/ Ford's CPO, is it good and is it worth the little bit of extra $$? I'm assuming yes but I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who's dealt w/ Ford etc.


Thanks again to the forum, you guys and your posts have helped a lot.



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