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Largest Cai And Reusing Upper Strut Brace?

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I kept my CAI stock with a TVS supercharger. I've seen one larger installed with a Kenne Belle, but the strut brace was removed because of the height of the supercharger. There would be no need to change the CAI unless you were going to put a huge supercharger on it...

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I use the KR strut brace in my 07 gt500 with a large JLT cold air intake. Used a small hammer to pound in one leg of the brace where it might contact the intake, and then sent the brace off for chroming. When I attached the brace, I put a large washer under each of the brace legs on the driver side. Barely clears, but it clears. Using the plastic JLT so even if it rubs a little under acceleration, it make no difference.

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Have been running the KR brace on my 08 GT500 for quite awhile myself.

With the FRPP TVS and FRPP 113mm CAI it was producing over 625rwhp and 645rwtq (125.35mph in the 1/4), and had no clearance issues, shims etc.

In the process of installing the 123mm JLT with the VMP TVS and a few other goodies to step it up a few notches.

Will find out shortly what I have to do to keep the KR bar, I do not want to go back to the flimsy oem bar.

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