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Silver Steering Wheel Trim

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The plastic trim pieces snap right off. I used an interior-trim plastic pry-bar when I painted the ones on my 2008 convertible flat black to reduce sun glare.




Unfortunately, the 2014s are real aluminum and the steering wheel has to come off, or an extensive and meticulous masking job has to go on.

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I believe these are the Ford numbers your looking for.


Rt/side 3:00 O'Clock Position part# 4R3Z 3D758-BA
Lt/side 9:00 O'Clock Position part# 4R3Z 3D758-AA
lower 6:00 O'Clock Position part# 4R3Z 3D758-CA

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Looks like SGT0128 is on the right track.




I found some old notes and it was Gary Disney that told me these covers were not available separately. I had wanted to change my oem silver covers for the charcoal covers used on the Bullitt Mustang.


Good to know even though I went with a new s/wheel.



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Looks rather nice, Frank. I may consider this myself, as mine are starting to show their age. Any special paint(s) involved?


My choice of paints was restricted to what I found already on the shelf in the garage: Rustoleum semi-flat or satin, if I recall correctly. I didn't sandpaper the surfaces, simply cleaned them thoroughly with naphtha, and applied two light coats.


I have another project going, one that requires more naphtha than remains in my 6-year-old pint can. Naphtha is no longer sold over the counter in California. Had to order it from out-of-state. Mercy.

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Okay, okay...Thinking.


Yup, got a can of Rust-O in chalk board black, another can of satin clear. Going to try this out on some scraps, see what it looks like.


Thank you, Frank!


BTW...this chalk board black is a nice color. Deeper and smoother than just flat black. I use it on the few small parts under the hood that need a touch-up every so often. Y'all might give it a try, easy enough to find in any hardware store.


Y'all be safe.

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