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For You Bullitt Owners-I Know You're Here Somewhere.

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Well, judging by the number of reads (96?) and posts (1?), it appears the Bullitt community is not well represented here. Many of the reads are mine, at least half maybe. 'Sokay with me...


I would like to own one someday, in stock trim, and I would leave it purely stock, as sold by Ford. But, this is more fantasy too. Love the movie (lead was all Mc Queen), and of course the chase scene. Who doesn't? This is why I found the 411 offered in my linky to be entertaining. Another chase scene that is likewise entertaining, is the film "Ronin" with Robert DeNiro behind the wheel. Don't know how much of that was really him, but his acting/portrayal is very well done, and typically DeNiro. And this comes from a retired urban cop with well over a thousand real time/real life chases under his belt. Takes a lot to impress me, and a good chase scene is one that is memorable.



Any film buffs/amateur critics reading?


Anyone want to open a thread for favorite chase scene?


Anyone...? (I hear crickets).

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Somewhere out there is a turn-by-turn set of instructions for the Bullitt run, so a true believer can reconstruct and experience the whole thing for his/her own edification and joy.

First I've heard of this...Awesome! If ever...Nevermind. Just more fantasy.

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