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Houston Shelby Owners....monthly Gtg


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Monthly GTG for breakfast.

Cadillac Bar-Kemah Boardwalk- PLAN AND EXPECT TO EAT BREAKFAST...we do not have permission to just hang around the parking lot all morning, this is NOT Coffee N Cars


Shine them up and bring them out.

If you used to go to Coffee and Cars at 5 AM to get a spot.....you can't tell me this is too far for you. It took me an hour and half to get to CnC, I'd leave house at 4 AM.

Besides....you get to DRIVE your Shelby! And Cadillac Bar serves mimosas, micheladas and beer if you want.

Let's kick this off March 21st

Oh, can't believe I have to say this, absolutely no burnouts or other immature moronic behavior that will keep us from using this location. DON'T BE LIKE COFFEE AND CARS

Kemah LEO really like to give tickets and make arrests, I use to live there for 6 years. Don't test them




PS: Prefer Shelby only...BUT... I wouldn't mind Boss, Terminator and Cobra showing up

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I REALLY need to start getting a HEAD count for breakfast so we don't overwhelm Cadillac Bar. They need some notice so they can have enough staff on hand to properly serve our group. Please start a head count here for me if you ARE attending. Please list anyone you know of that is attending in a Boss, SVT, Cobra or FGT that is not part of HSO.


We can't complain about bad service if we don't involve them with a head count.


Thanks, let's make this a success and learn from any mistakes that are made. Also the lot they are holding has 19 parking spots. Do we need more!?

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I need the restaurant to be staffed properly. Nobody likes bad service, not enough waitstaff or waiting to be sested. Especially when there are open tables everyone can see. Yet no staff available so we can be seated.
So if you are coming....I NEED A HEAD COUNT PLEASE!!!

1 or 2 or however many my be with you.

Help make this a success so you will want to come back!

Thanks for your help!



Alright guys, I have just been made aware of a Charitable BBQ Fundraiser by a fellow HSO member that he would like to incorporate in the day's event. So we are going to scratch the crawfish and move that to April's GTG. Instead we will be driving to the BBQ Fundraiser that begins at 2. They are working on securing parking for us together as a group. Hope to have everyone's support on this!!



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Just saw it: 9AM. Good time. From Pearland, the C&C drive was too much too early.



Sounds good Bruce49.....We are doing the GTG rain or shine. If you want to just drive your DD instead of your Shelby, that's OK. I know some DD their Shelby so weather is not a concern for them. I'm undecided what to drive if it rains. Shelby or Focus ST.....



Does everyone have an EZ TAG....will need it if you are going to BBQ Fundraiser with us. If you don't have one, we will take another route with no tolls.

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My KR is my DD. rain or shine, she gets driven. We will not be attending the BBQ fund raiser, but we will be contributing. I just looked up the KHOU story on this child. I have to ask: from the time someone called the police until they showed up, what was this young boy experiencing? Abdominal stab wounds, genitalia partially cut off and when the police got there she was still smashing his head into the sidewalk.


It's sad to think that the last thing this kid felt was pain and at the hands of his own mother. Post partum depression? Really? My apologies. I'll get off my soapbox now.


See you guys Saturday.

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