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2008 Shelby Gt500Se Brochure Car

Larry T

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From the description...

Total conversion: $33,000.00

Basic car: $53,000.00

Delivery to/from Las Vegas: $2000.00

Selling at my cost $88,000.00

See, the math was easy... The challenge here is recouping that cost!

We'd all love to sell at (or above) cost, but in the case of a vehicle, those would be bad odds to play (even in the case of this "Special Edition" Shelby).

Problem I see is, there is not enough "Special" baked into this Special Edition to justify the above market asking price of 88K for a 2008 GT500.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say the value was never there in terms of what modifications were added to the stock vehicle as part of this SE package being worth $33K; just seems like a lot of money for what you really got for it. That's my ¢.02.


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Well the sale ended, wonder if that means it sold for $88K


That is way overpriced in my opinion. But truth be told on the SE package (just for me), if I had known that it was going to be available before I did any mods, I probably would have gone for it. I loved everything about the SS package accept, I could not keep my red stripes. Yea, sounds like an odd non-starter. But the mustang I had growing up had red stripes so counts as a must-have for me, and of course do love the color and stripe combo straight-up.

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