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2011 Shelby Gt 500 Fog Lights


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Dude...I had the hardest time finding yellow LED fogs for our car...I ended up going with some white LEDs that match the headlights very well. I could only find one place that had LED bulbs that would fit ours but they listed the color as "Amber". The picture looked pretty yellow but when I called they kept saying...no they are amber. Which is more of a orange similar to the turn signal. I had them on order but they kept pushing back the ship date so I cancelled.


Ended up going with these: http://www.vleds.com/shop-bulb-numbers/5202-9009/5202-5k-10-xb.html


I finally gave up on finding yellow LEDs, and turned out pretty tough to find a white LED that matches our head lights. Found a review on these from someone that said they matched real well...and sure enough they were right. These match perfectly in my eyes.


I know you're looking for yellow...but I just went through the same search about 3 months ago.

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