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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kirk, I live in VA and have owned my Shelby GT500 since 2011. Love the car, of course have had ups and downs with the dreaded clutch issue, but all in all, wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a 2007 GT500, so far with no mods although I am finally starting to upgrade. Ordering my new rear LCA's today, will also order the rear UPC but I may have a shop install that one as I don't know how I would be able to obtain the proper torque when reinstalling.


Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. Hope to have many more posts. post-44527-0-11634000-1422985191_thumb.jpg

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Welcome to the Team! Great people with tons of experience to share as you get about settling in. Look forward to meeting another fellow Virginian. If you're down the Hampton Roads vicinity, look for Mustangs on Main Street, one of the first shows held each Spring in Smithfield (home of pork, pine, and peanuts) VA.

Enjoy the miles.



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Thanks everyone =) Great to see so many people. I've been to VIR a lot with a friend who races his GTR there but haven't taken the Shelby out as of yet. I think once I install the new LCA's I will feel more comfortable around those bends. Also need to put another clutch in before any serious use. It's got the 2010 TSB clutch installed now but is failing again, not sure if it's the way my wife drives or just bad luck. I haven't raced but if the clutch is going to fail anyway, I may as well have fun doing it.


I have to take a picture of the 2nd clutch I had in the car. When the clutch first failed, Ford refused to perform the TSB repair so I bought aftermarket, the Mcleod RXT I believe, but I think the local shop didn't install correctly because I have heard nothing but good things about them but it never worked right, so after much yelling Ford finally approved the TSB repair. Now I have that clutch in my basement. If I take some pictures of it and post them do you think you guys can look at it and tell me if it looks okay wear wise? I know Mcleod will rebuild them for a flat fee, just not sure if it needs it since it was only used a very very short time.


Looking forward to cruising, thanks guys

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