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Lower Billet Grill


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I picked up a lower billet grill about a year ago for my 06 GT-H coupe as I liked the look and wanted the protection for my radiator. They were on sale at the time and obviously they were clearing out their old stock. Followed the excellent instructions I found on this forum and installed it over the summer.


I recently bought an 07 GT-H Vert with about 57K miles on the clock and the lower grill is a little worse for wear. The lower grill is no longer available from Shelby and I can't seem to find another outlet for one. I just received a new top grill from Shelby with the manufacturer sticker on the packaging as Rick May Inc. but I can't find that company other than some address in California.


Does anyone know of a source to obtain a lower grill before I consider removing the one I just installed on the 06?


Has anyone tried to polish these or refurb them? i suppose that is another option.



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